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    LR 6.0.1 EXIF-Data are buggy after export


      We export a Nikon D810-photo with Lightroom.

      Here you can see it: http://bilder.uchrin.de/test/DSC_1917.jpg

      With a simple batch in php - like this (array exif_read_data ( string $filename [, string $sections [, bool $arrays [, bool $thumbnail ]]] )) -

      we read out the EXIF data. here see the result: http://bilder.uchrin.de/test/simple.php


      Now you can see COMPUTED.Copyright, COMPUTED.Copyright.Photographer and COMPUTED.Copyright.Editor are corrupt.


      COMPUTED.Copyright: efan Uchrin, (C) by St

      COMPUTED.Copyright.Photographer: efan Uchrin

      COMPUTED.Copyright.Editor: (C) by St


      In LR 5.7.1 are the EXIF-data OK.


      Is there any help?