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    Lightroom cc slideshow sync issues


      I created a lightroom cc slideshow which includes watermarks, text, music, pan and zoom, etc. 


      I have the slideshow synced with my account. I can see the slideshow synced on my ipad and web.


      When viewing the synced slideshow on the web and my ipad, , none of the slideshow features are included. There are no watermarks, no text, no music,  no pan and zoon etc.  The slideshow looks exactly like any other collection.


      Is there a way I can view the synced slideshow so that it plays as in LR CC on my computer?


      Is this a feature limitation?





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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can only sync the photos in the collection, not a Slideshow, Book etc that you may have crated from same on your desktop. So, yes it's a feature limitation. If you want the slideshow to run on your iPad you'll need to first export it as a movie file from Lightroom then import on to the iPad.