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    Nice Standalone Application was created by BoxedApp Packer?

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      Hello Sirs and Ladies, If i create Adobe Air Captive Runtime than i replace all exe and dll from Adobe Air Directory with UPX Easy GUI. I delete all *.ex~ and *.dl~ and i go back roo directory of created Adobe Air Application and i use BoxedApp Packer. - Choose Air Application ( exe ) than Packer shows "_packed.exe" - Import Folders into "All files" "Adobe Air" "META-MF" - Add file into "All files" ".swf" - Click "Make EXE" - Checl your standalone application working without Adobe AIr Runtime :) Websites: UPX Easy GUI - http://www.novirusthanks.org/products/upx-easy-gui/ BoxedApp Packer - http://www.boxedapp.com/boxedapppacker/#.VUZHZ5PV9-E Yeah it sees like standalone application under Mac OS X .app = own app. Under Windows we can create oen application. Yeah yeah! Is it allow or not allow - I understand i have readden your rules and laws by Adobe AIR Runtime Distribution http://www.adobe.com/products/air/runtime-distribution1.html. Is it possible? I have used it. But i am feeling to worry because you are angry for me because it doesn't allow or it allows to make into standalone application? I have tested up to 18 to 19 mb is big standalone application. I am sorry - I am trying to feel because same Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver or any applications are compressed by UPX Easy GUI or normal UPX and packed by BoxedApp Packer. That is truth. I am not liar. i have tested yestemday it. Please believe me! But BoxedApp Packer is good supportor.