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    Strange LR6 Printing Problem

      • I just upgraded to LR6 standalone (after many years of LR use)
      • I have an EP7900, and a variety of printer profiles that I have been using for years
      Encountered a strange problem printing for the first time from LR6:
      • The prints come out with a several colors missing

      I think I have isolated the problem to LR6 (of course, one is never sure):

      1. Printed the same image with the same Printer Driver settings from PS6 - no problem, it looks fine.  This, I think, eliminates the printer itself
      2. Plus, all the nozzles are clean, nozzle check looks fine, have sufficient ink, etc.
      3. I used the same EP7900 printer profile that I have been using for years (i.e., the settings for printing have not change)
      • Any one else experienced similar issues?
      • Any one have any idea what the problem might be?