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    Lightroom does not show what is Mobile Sync. No Symbol is shown


      A few days ago i updated to Lightroom CC.

      Now i have the issue, that i could not see anymore, what folder are synchronized for mobile. I am even not able to deselect a folder.

      If you look at the screen. The latest folder is syncronized and can be viewed in Mobile. But there is no sign inside Lightroom that shows that.

      Right now i can see only the icon in front of the folder as an empty icon (even if it is synct).

      I am running CC with the latest patch on a Mac Pro with German settings and a German Lightroom.Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-03 um 20.50.58.png


      small update. The problem seems to be related to the german version. In the English version it seems like running.