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    Wrong color profile after export - what am I doing wrong?


      I'm a beginner in color management and color profiles and I have a problem with my exported files from AE CS6 (german version):


      In my project settings I've set the working space to "adobe RGB (1998)" which is the same like my footage (JPEG Image-Sequence).

      In my Output Module Settings I've set it also to the working space "adobe RGB (1998)".

      I' ve tried to export it as h.246 and AVI.

      And now the Problem: the exported clips are too bright and washed out. First I thought it is a problem with the Windows Media Player, but I imported the clips again to after effects and the showed Profile is now "HDTV (Rec. 709) Y'CbCr". This is the case with the h.246-clips. The AVI-Clips showed the profile "sRGB IEC61..." So the settings from the Output Module didn't seem to work.

      The washed-out-effect disappeared after I set everything to HDTV, but I don't think this is the right way to go..

      Thank you for any help

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Simple, really: You are using a) a wrong color space b) your system is not calibrated, but you have color management enabled and c) use formats that don't support color management. This is simply wrong from stem to stern, especially with regards to b) and c). Why would you even use Adobe RGB when video works on Rec 709 or even more generic sRGB? I think you do not even understand the point of CM on a fundamental level. you don't dictate the color space by your source files, you simply import them into your working color space - regardless of whatever it is set to. The color metrics engine will apply any corrections necessary based on the associated/ embedded profiles, which ultimately is the whole point. Conversely, enabling CM for output will require a format that actually uses those corrections, which comes down to only a handful. so to cut a long story short: Unless you are willing and technically able to establish a proper CM workflow simply leave it off and just use the default sRGB that AE ever has used.



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            vivaphil Level 1

            Thank you for you're explanations.


            You're right, I don't know much about color management and formats . And it's the first time I tried to use a color space. I now understand, that I shouldn't use an output color space and I would like to don't use one for the project, but the reason I used one was, that the colors in the project allready looked washed-out with the default setting "none". But when I changed it to a color space like for example RGB they looked right, like in the original footage...

            And how can I calibrate my system?


            Thank you