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    Adjust for Brightness Corrections the Camera made

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      I have some video clips where I am trying to make two types of corrections.

      1. I am using Warp Stabilize to correct for movement in the way I handled the camera during the filming process.  Warp Stabilize seems to do a fair job of fixing this, I can accept this for now.
      2. Then I am trying to repair/ adjust where the camera made some auto brightness corrections when the focus was made/moved to a darker object in the scene.  It causes intermittent bright and dark lighting in the clip.


      I realize both of these situations are my own fault, but I am still trying to learn how to adjust for them.

      I tried using the Effect /Color Correction / Brightness and Contrast tool because this seems logical, but the results are not  smooth.  I set a key-frame on both sides of the problem point on the clip so I can stop/ lock in the effect from making changes to an area  that is good/ acceptable.  Then I move to the center point between the two key-frames I am holding as correct and make a brightness adjustment (creating a new key-frame).  This sounds like it should compensate, but I end up with even more intermittent flashes of bright and dark.


      Can anyone tell me if this logic is correct and is this the correct tool I should be using to make this sort of adjustment to a clip   The adjustments are not  smooth as I would expect from key-frame.  And it appears the key-frames I set to hold what is correct are being auto adjusted.

      I think there should be a metering tool  that I could use to measure/meter Brightness (ie; 1-100) throughout the clip so when I see the brightness is  varying away form my desire meter reading I could make an adjustment at that point where brightness varies to bring it back to the metered level I want to hold

      Thanks for your help in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I've never used the Brightness/ Contrast adjustment. Curves and Levels work much better. Beyond that - if the aperture change is immediate, then split the clip on the respective point and correct each segment separately. otherwise it seems you do not quite understand how AE keyframes work. You don't "encircle" a problem, you just animate the respective parameters. In your example the only keyframe that actually holds anything useful is the one in the middle, the other two hold neutral default values. It's inevitable that you get additional brightness jumps because you are telling AE to revert to those defaults on the third keyframe, but the exposure is still wrong. Simply makes no sense. The rule of thumb is always to use as few keys as possible, especially on something as tricky as color corrections.



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            geo_coy Level 1

            MyLenium I think I figured it out. And maybe solved my own problem.  I told you I was looking for a graph to view my adjustments, well it is all there.  I just had to remember where it is located.

            Getting to this graph was the answer to my question.  From here I can add points or drag points in any direction to smooth out the unwanted flashes of light.  Thanks for the insight