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    Can't Understand What's Going on Here


      I have a right-to-left, facing pages document I'm working on, the first 4 pages I've numbered with roman numerals, they won't be showing anyway so that's not important, the problem is I started new section numbering on the fifth page but when I do so it shows the fifth page to be on the right when in fact it is on the left?


      You can take a look at the image below, shouldn't it be saying: Introd1     iv, and not: iv     Introd1?


      The triangle for the new section is showing iv although the new section starts on page 5, mind you, if I actually double click on any of these two pages in the pages panel it will display the correct page, my headache is why it's showing them like that? Have I done somehting wrong in the master pages or something? Also, I can't figure out how to export these pages to PDF, it keeps refusing, saying I've entered the wrong numbers. I enter: Introd1-4, to try and print pages 1-4 from the Introd section, but it doesn't let me.


      Anyway, here's a screenshot, hope someone can help:


      Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 23.04.47.png