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    Windows 10 technical preview BSOD when running Lightroom


      I have been running Lightroom on a PC with the Windows 10 Technical Preview.  I have been experiencing frequent crashed (BSOD) but they're primarily when I'm running Lightroom.  I've never had any problems with Lightroom on Windows 7,8, or 8.1, but now with Windows 10 something is wrong.  I also rarely see any problems with Windows 10 when I'm NOT running Lightroom.  It really seems like some issue with Lightroom and Windows 10.


      I'm just curious if anyone else evaluating Windows 10 has run into problems with Lightroom.

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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sure Adobe work with Microsoft and Apple in background to ensure their products are stable and reliable with shipping products. However, as you've mentioned is only a technical preview, and therefore no official Adobe support. May be you should stick with supported software when working with Lr. That way you can avoid the frustrations of BSODs or possibly data loss.

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            kramaxphoto Level 1

            I don't think you understand...

            I'm not expressing frustration with either Lightroom or Windows 10... 

            I'm not using Windows 10 for anything critical.  People like me sign up for things like Windows Insider and technical previews to help test the product in day-to-day situations to help make sure they work prior to final release. It's also an opportunity to evaluate the look and feel for the product. I realize that perhaps not all software companies do that, but thankfully, Microsoft does.  The more people out there testing things like this, the better the chances that software will work as expected when it's released.


            Of course, I have submitted feedback to Microsoft on what I have encountered, but I was also wondering if there are other Lightroom users who may have encountered similar problems or if I'm the only one.