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    Still Image: Photo options

    KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional


      Currently, adding an image to your Premiere Clip edit results in a static frame that fills the frame up to 100%?


      There is an icon that looks like an image edit tool, but links to "Turn into Storycard".  Storycard appears to be a proxy/placeholder for a movie clip.

      Wish list for other options in that section


      Wishlist: Button that allows for linear Scale/Move drift.

      Use: Click on Scale/Move allows for an image to be 'animated' with 2 sliders. (check box for each ON/OFF)

      Slider 1 = Scale: Slider moves from 100-200%  During the length of the clip, the static photo will change in scale over time from original (100%) to the value on the slider.

      Slider 2 = Move: Slider moves from -1 to +1  During the length of the clip, the static photo will move either LEFT(-1)/off/over black or RIGHT(+1)/off/over black

      Sliders can be used separately or together.

      Wishlist: Button that links to Adobe Photoshop Touch.

      Use: Clicking on Edit in PsTouch would open the image in Photoshop Touch.  User could then edit the photo, save to CC. New Photo from CC replaces the old in the edit (to length).

      This way, images could be slugged into the edit quickly, then edited in PsT and replaced later.

      The XML would see the CC file as PSD and allow the layers to be edited once in Pr as well.