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    Preview files is not working with Adobe's products with Mac OS 10.10.4

    RMarchand Level 1

      I have installed CC2014 softwares with Mac OS 10.10.4. Every time that I use whether the "Save as" or "Open" command and when I'm in "Column Mode" in the Dialog Box, there is a big gap between the file and the preview file. This is what I get:

      Preview File_1.png

      This happens now for all Adobe's products and not only with Acrobat DC.

      This does not occur in other softwares because I get what I'm expecting to look at:

      Preview File-2.png

      I was told that there it was normal because "Adobe had to remove it for technical reasons. If you want it back , post a bug report or feature request with Adobe."

      Also, the answer I got back from one person (maybe working at Adobe) that: "This has happened with the introduction of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8."?


      Fix Acrobat PDF Thumbnails in Windows 7 / Windows 8 x64

      Does this mean that this issue will also affect Mac as well now?

      Thank you for answering,

      Robert Marchand