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    Lightroom CC system requirements misleading?


      The system requirements for visibility and install of LR CC through the creative cloud App appear misleading to me i.e. it states a "64 bit capable" processor is required, bit not that it will also need to 64 bit version of the OS installed.


      Processor capability and OS 64 bit version is very different - and certainly not, as I was told by support, that "the processor represents the operating system" ito 64 bit capability. Any half savvy software developer or engineer would know they are not synonymous.


      It was then suggested that I "update" to the 64 bit OS - complete lack of understanding that it takes a clean reinstall in Win 7 to get 64 bit support !!!!


      To cap it off, I was told that if I did not want to reinstall my OS with 64 bit support, I could always just use the older LR desktop 5.7.1 application.


      Circular argument!!!


      Anyone else been caught out by this?