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    Reinstalling Camera RAW plug-in for CS4 on my new Mac - help!

    Claudio Cambon

      Hi folks,


      This is as much a Mac question as a Photoshop question, and I would appreciate any help.


      I just got  a new Mac, and when I transferred everything from my old computer to the new one, something didn't move over from CS4, such that whenever I opened a TIF file, it would tell me that there was a missing component, which would then force quit the program. So I reinstalled CS4, but when I re-downloaded the Camera RAW plug-in (5.7), my Mac won't let me install it, saying that it only allows downloads from the App store (referring to the .mpkg file). In the security preferences, it says "download anyway," but then it repeats the message. The option to allow all sorts of downloads remains gray, such that I can't even select it.


      Any advice would be very much appreciated, either in terms of the Mac or the Photoshop! Thanks!