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    Lightroom CC issues with multiple export at the same time


      Back before Lightroom updated to the CC version, I was able to use export presets to send 4 different versions of the photos I'm working on at the same time (A Full Size for client at certain size, full size for myself, web-sized with watermark and a thumbnail). Since updating to the CC version, I'm only able to start the export process on two of these versions before the system simply becomes crippled and I cannot even navigate through Lightroom without it chugging along.


      For reference, I'm running a 2014 rMBP with 16GB of RAM, LR is the only app open at the time and it's showing that I have roughly 6GB of RAM free when attempting this export.


      TL;DR: LR5 worked wiht multiple exports at the same time, but LRCC now chugs after 2 exports are started