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    Lightroom 5 to CC problems


      My computer crashed and I rebuilt my Motherboard, CPU and Graphics card. My old system had Lightroom 5 and before I cleared my C drive, I backed up all my photos and Lightroom Catalogs.


      After the rebuild, since I bought the Lightroom 5 online, I didn't have a disc. I went to the adobe website and downloaded lightroom thinking then I would put in my authorization code and I would then have my software again. I then opened Lightroom CC and waited for the prompt to put in my code. In the meantime, it tried to open my catalog and asked to update my catalog. My mistake is I just clicked ok. Following this, I realized that with the CC software, I would not be able to put in my authorization code and what I needed to do is log into my adobe account and download it from my previous purchases. Something I didn't know.


      After finally getting up and running with Lightroom 5, I now cannot see any of my photos. It says that the catalog is too new to open on Lightroom 5 software. What can be done about this?? Did I just screw up all my photos!


      Any help is greatly appreciated.