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    removing white background from scanned document / replace document colors




      this is a question which has been annoying me for a very long time already, and I hope there is an answer to it.

      I am a big fan of Adobe Acrobat's "Replace Document Colors"-option (Preferences  -  Accessibility). I am using it to make the background e.g. dark blue and the text grey.

      It simply makes reading long documents much more convenient and protects the eyes (at least that's how I perceive it).


      Unfortunately, the option does not work when the pdf is a scanned document. For some reason the text stays black and the document's background remains white.

      Is there any reasonable way how to change this? I have already spent quite some time searching for a solution, but couldn't find any workable solution.

      Evidently, the solution shouldn't require to manually edit every individual page (e.g. in photoshop). It would be great if there is an option which "removes" the background

      for the entire document in one go.


      Many thanks. Would be great if there is a solution to this!