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    Why is it impossible to buy the LR6 upgrade for the LR5 that I have bought one year ago?


      Hello, I have spent about four hours trying to get the LR6 upgrade for the perfectly legally bought LR5.

      Nothing is possible. The CC contract does not apply where I live.
      It is the only choice I have in France.

      The ID I got from Adobe when I last updated does not pass through.


      Well...I'll either do the things when I go to South Africa or maybe I use a proxy or a torrent.

      This is a crazy situation and not for the first time, either. The LR4 I got in Norway after a similar frustrating thing.

      And no, 'hosts' file has been cleaned already.


      I cannot understand an enterprise fighting against its willing clients.


      The tech support guy was very friendly but his advice got me nowhere.

      Let's torrent now!