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    How do I crop a video clip In Adobe premier elements 13?


      Hey guys how you been?


      How do I crop of video clip In Adobe premier elements 13?


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Use the Crop effect (under the Effects button on the Action Bar that runs along the bottom of the program).


          However, do note that video doesn't crop the same way photos do. When you crop a photo, you change the size and shape of the photo itself. When you crop a video, you only change the size and shape of the CLIP. The project size and video frame dimensions remain the same.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Hope all is going well with your projects. Just saw your question about cropping video in Premiere Elements 13/13.1.


            Just some supplemental thoughts for the feature found under Expert workspace's fx Effects/Transform/Crop


            1. Did you know that you can keyframe the crop effect across the duration of the video clip? When you go to edit the applied crop effect in Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/Crop Panel expanded, note the Toggle Animation icon in the Crop Panel above its slider controls. Have you gotten into the concept of keyframing different video properties so that they vary across the duration of the clip rather than being applied to the whole clip?


            2. I find photo and video crop techniques are the same - Top, Left, Right, Bottom crops.

            a. If you apply the crop effect to whole video, the crop applies to the whole video, not just a particular scene you happen to have your Timeline Indicator on while you are doing the cropping. However, if you are keyframing the crop effect that is another story.

            b. In contrast, if you crop a still, what you crop is what you get; there is only one image there.

            In view of the prior comments, I am not sure if that was what was meant.


            Please explore and experiment with the Crop Effect and editing of it under the Applied Effects Tab/, and, any questions after that, please let us know.


            If you do not want black borders in the cropped image/clip, you can explore the Zoom option in the Crop Panel expanded or scaling the cropped image/clip in the Edit area monitor.






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              miker12942700 Level 1

              Great job.  Thank you Steve!!!


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