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    Coldfusion Component page is not being processed. - or at least, it is not working

    Roberto Cabrera_402



      I am using jQuery AJAX to call a function from a .cfc page. As of now, I am just using console.log(result) to see what response I get. And what I got is the content of the coldfusion component page.




      And if I type the url on the browser I get the same...


      This is my code to make the call using AJAX





          url: 'sch_acc_maint_func.cfc',

          type: 'POST',

          data: {method: 'student_info', accnumber: accnumber, dsrc: dsrc}, //variables are defined , but I have not posted the code...

          success: function(student){








      The contents for sch_acc_maint_func.cfc, can be seen on the picture.



      I am running Coldfusion 9 on a unix server.



      Has anybody experienced this situation? Any advise will be really appreciated.