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    Trying to get Lightroom 6 THE HORROR!!!


      I start Lightroom today and I get a big notice saying there's Lightroom 6 available for me.


      Then it barfs cuz I'm in England, shows me a half screen with text cut off that won't let me choose the country I'm in but says I shouldn't choose the US. It won't let me log on in the US or England. I get continual "Page Not Found" messages now when I try to go to Adobe. Can't get any info on Adobe 6 or if there s cheap or free upgrade from my 5.7.1.


      In fact, on my computer, it looks as if Adobe doesn't exist anymore, for all the error messages and page not founds that I get.




      Does Adobe still exist?


      Does Lightroom 6 exist?


      How do I get an upgrade from here in the UK?