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    Catalog is showing all images as missing or unavailable


      Equip: LR4, MAC 10.7.5


      Background:  I was in the process of moving my catalogs to a new external HD via lightroom, it was going slow but working properly.  I got an alert from my Time Machine that my external was almost full and I need to make space for a back up to occur.  I moved the Time Machine back up to take place on my NEW (formatted for mac) HD.   Since this took place (the Time Machine Backups are not on the NEW external HD)  all of my catalogs on my old external HD are showing the files as missing when opened in LR4 and they are light grey or not illuminated-not sure of the proper term but I hope this is clear.  I attempted the synchronize troubleshoot but the "synchronize" option was not in illuminated as an option.  I looked at renaming the HD with the same letter, but I believe that applies to PC's and not Mac. 


      Any help in navigating this would be most appreciative.