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    Face recognition shortcuts & tips to work with 100's of pictures

    DeonH Level 1

      Hi there.


      I am a 48 hour user of LR 6. I was very excited about the face recognition function which was very welcome. I shoot a lot of sporting events where more than one person and sometimes up to 5 people are in the shot. But, with most of my pictures I have only one person that is sharp with the rest of the players out of focus. The problem now is that LR picks up these "out-of-focus-faces" which leaves me with more than one face that LR wants to tag.

      I have learned by right-clicking on a picture that backspace "Removes face recognition". But, this only works with a picture opened and by clicking on each of the face boxes.


      Is there a keyboard shortcut by which I can remove a face for recognition by pressing a key? With almost all of these out of focus faces it gives me the option to click on the right mark to say it is the person it should be or to click on the right saying that it is not the right person. I need a way to remove the specific face to be removed from that picture as on that needs to be recognised (I hope you understand what I mean). I tried the backspace in the grid view with face recognition "on" but it does not work.


      I will appreciate it if anyone can recommend a very fast way of dealing with faces I do not want to be recognised that are showing up in the grid view with face recognition on.


      Thank you very much so long for your help.