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    How To Toggle Signature Fields Between Digital Certificate Signing and Ink Signing?


      Hello. I’m getting lost Acrobat Pro XI and what I’m trying to accomplish and hoping that I can get some guidance. I know I'm probably overlooking something minor when creating the forms.



      Trying to go paperless with internal documents that need to be signed and retained. Going to have kiosk stations with MS Surfaces with Acrobat Pro XI installed located in a certain office that will process associated items in relation to the paperwork. There will be a generic local Windows account on the Surfaces for this, so this will not be done from individual systems or domain accounts. Hence, there needs to be some ease and intuitiveness associated with this process. Some people will be able to sign with a digital certificate that is located on a personally assigned smart card. Not everyone will have this and if they don’t they will need to ink sign utilizing a stylus. This paperwork will need to be kept internally and will not be authorized to reside or even temporally reside on an external cloud solution.



      How do I create a form with signature boxes that will ask the user if they want to digitally sign with a certificate or sign with digital ink. Then have that signature associated with and reside in that signature box (so people just don’t draw haphazardly on the document and so I can enforce required areas to be signed). The only option I ever seem to get is a certificate signing option, never ink.

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          IsakTen Level 4

          Signature field is a special form field which has different properties than other field types, like text field. I think that you can do what you want with JavaScripts. You can create three form fields that exactly overlap each other: signature field, text field and a button field with some useful caption, like "Click to Sign". You make the first two fields (signature field and text field) hidden (invisible) and the button field visible. You also associate a Javascript that you write with the button field. Originally only the button field is visible. When the user clicks on it, your JavaScript tales control, puts up an UI that asks the user which signature type she wants to use and depending on the response changes the visibility of the overlapping fields to visible for the field that represents the desired signature type and hidden for the other two fields. You will need to know JavaScript programming and Acrobat JavaScript API (http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/js_api_reference.pdf).

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            Seems like that is going to be the best solution. I would think Adobe would have had a built in solution that would be close to what I am looking to do. I played around with EcoSign forms (with keeping the forms local on my system, not uploading them to the EcoSign cloud). Ink or certificate signing can be chosen, but it is still pretty cumbersome and non-intuitive for use with a kiosk system. Guess I will need to brush up on JavaScript, haven't had a need to write in that in many-many years.