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    Organizing mobile photos

    J Isner Level 1

      I recently began using Lightroom Mobile.  At first, I used it to make one of my desktop collections sync with my mobile device.  I like the way it works, and I think it is logical well-thought out.  But then I decided to make photos taken with the mobile device sync with my desktop.  I am mystified by the way this works.


      The photos taken on my mobile device show up on my desktop in two ways:


      (1) as a Collection Set named "From Lr Mobile" containing a single collection "Samsung Phone Photos" (I have only one mobile device, a Samsung phone) 

      (2) as a new drive under Folders, containing a single folder. 


      Let me talk about (2).  The location of the folder on my hard drive is not location a location that I chose, but rather one that Lightroom chose for me.  it is in the same directory as the catalog and has an .lrdata extension in Windows.  It is not a typical folder because I cannot organize it, and that's where my question come in.


      As I continue to take photos with my mobile device, the .lrdata folder will grow bigger and bigger.  But I have no way of keeping it organized in the same way keep "normal" folders organized on my desktop: rename, move, create folders inside of folders, etc..  Because of size it will become unmanageable. 


      Logically, the photos taken by the mobile device "belong" to the mobile device, so perhaps it the mobile device should permit organizing its folders, so that any organization done on the mobile device will by sync'd back to the desktop. But I do not see any such structuring ability in the Android Lr app.