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    v2 components not displaying content

      I've got an application that I'm developing that creates and displays several forms from an XML file. The form is created on an MC inside of a ScrollPane by attaching MCs to it. The MCs contain one component each (just TextInputs, TextAreas and ComboBoxes for now). When I'm only displaying TextInputs and Areas, it works perfectly. But when I diplsay a ComboBox, something breaks - and no data is displayed in the components. I can type in them and the data is saved (i can trace "instance.text" and the correct data is returned), but I can't see it. If I have the app redraw the form several times, it all starts working again, but will break again the very next time.

      I don't know if it's a depth conflict or the mask isn't being applied to the component MC's text field properly. I'm at a loss, but I need to find a solution.