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    I want to know if I can batch HDR process in Lightroom CC as I do currently with LR/Enfuse.

    Phil J Rose Level 1

      Hi all, I have recently downloaded the trial version of Lightroom cc and am very impressed by the HDR capabilities. Currently I am using LR/Enfuse which allows me to stack multiple images in groups of five and then set LR/Enfuse to process all these stacked sets and output full-size JPGs ready for finishing. I would much prefer to use Lightroom since it produces DNG files but, as someone who does real estate shoots, I really think it's vital that I can set Lightroom to do the HDR work on all these sets of stacked images and come back half an hour later to find them all output is DNG's. Is such a thing possible? It really makes the difference between signing up for CC instead of sticking to Lightroom five.



      Thanks for any help.