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    doubleclick, banners, java script and K size


      I've been making flash banners for 10 years and now am trying (unsuccessfully) make banners with adobe edge. The reason I say unsuccessfully is because of the 100k javascript files that are associated with the project. Anyone who makes banners 300x250, 728x90, 300x600, etc.... knows that the typical k size is 30-50 kilobytes. this isn't possible with the k size the java script ads to the project.


      Doubleclick studio wont let the dns files be hosted.


      Now I'm wondering if this is an antiquated method of gauging the effect a banner has on a website. My question is, should java script count towards the final K size of a banner? isnt it typically loading images that the publishers are concerned with?


      Does a 100k java script file take up the same bandwidth of loading an image onto the site? I'm not sure how I could convince such large entities to change how they view the spec sheet but if as i suspect java script shouldn't be lumped into the same category as images then maybe I can convince someone to change the required specs and split it into "images" and "java script" kilobyte sizes.


      chad demoss