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    Facial Recognition Operational Suggestions


      The following suggestions are hopefully constructive and logical improvements to the initial implementation of Lightroom (LR) Facial Recognition.  When implemented these changes will significantly enhance the productivity of users working with Facial Recognition (FR.)  The suggested  changes should not require Adobe to change the structure of the database.  Instead, they are procedural change suggestions for the next fix to LR CC 2015.  Hopefully they can be issued as updates rather than awaiting the next major version.


      To put this in context:

      • I have been running LR since version 2.  We use LR to manage over 67,800 photos representing a century of photos from two related families.
      • I am running LR CC 2015 on a 2013 MacBook Pro w 16 GB main memory.
      • My second platform is LR CC 2015 on my iMac Retina w 16 GB.
      • The LR catalog & photos are located on an external USB3 drive to allow me to move between the two machines
      • In FR so far, my spouse and I have already scanned all 67K photos and assigned keywords to about 7,000 faces so far.)  But, the program as it stands right now is somewhat cumbersome. So far, we have done the easier tagging...but is getting more difficult as we go.  Our task is to move through the remaining 26,000 faces.

      Problem 1: There is no way to bulk confirm or reject a proposed keyword label (name.)

      The first name in the list of proposed people keywords is for Alexia Wright, my late mother.  We have one-by-one selected the actual photos of her and assigned a keyword to her.  But this took many, many hours as there were thousands of candidates proposed by FR.

          • It would have been much more productive if we had been able to select all of Alexia's photos (e.g. using Cmd-click) on those correct photos, then right-click on the selected photo group to produce a popup context menu.  That menu should include a choice to assign a given people keyword (Alexia Wright in this example) to all of the selected photos. This would be MUCH faster than assigning the keyword to photos one-by-one.  With this feature, our productivity would be greatly enhanced.
          • Next, there remain several thousand photos that LR suggests might be Alexia, but we know they are not.  Of course we could go through them one-by-one selecting the NOT symbol.  But that is tedious and extremely time-consuming.  Again, what is needed is the ability to select multiple photos (the NOT Alexia photos in this example.)  Once the group is selected, we should be able to right-click to produce the same popup context menu. Included on that menu should be a choice to indicate the photos are NOT Alexia.  Again, this would greatly enhance our productivity by causing FR to re-analyse the rejected photos to see if they match the profile for some other keyword name or if not to put them into the "?" category.
          • Since FR groups photos together by common visual elements, it displays like photos together.  So, for example, my sister's photos (incorrectly identified as Alexia candidates) appear close to each other and so can be selected to form a group.  The right-click popup context menu should also include the ability to create a keyword for those selected photos.

      Problem 2The grouping of photos already assigned a people keyword does not have a NOT function

          • In this example, there are hundreds of photos that we identified and tagged as Alexia.  However, we fumble-fingered a few.  This resulted in some photos incorrectly appearing in the Confirmed section.  So, how to remove the keyword from the confirmed photos?  There is an indirect way...but it is cumbersome.
          • When one scrolls to the top of the FR screen, there is a Confirmed section.  For each confirmed person, FR displays a count of the photos tagged with that keyword.  To see those photos, one double-clicks the desired person in the Confirmed section.  That causes the panel to be cleared and replaced by a Confirmed section showing all of the selected photos for the selected person.  So, to use our same example, if I click on Alexia Wright, FR refreshes the screen and displays all of the confirmed photos of her.  If any of those photos are not of her, clicking on the photo does not show the same menu that would allow us to assign another keyword name or to put it back into the "?" status by pressing a DEL icon.  If the earlier suggested right-click popup context menu were available, it should have a DEL function.
          • Below the Confirmed section is another panel showing Similar, each with the Alexia Wright? tag.  One can confirm any that are correct, but there is NO DELETE function symbol on those Similar items.  As a result, once the correct photos are tagged, there remains a whole collection of incorrectly suggested names with no way to remove them.