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    How can I share photos with family?  Share feature to web doesnt work, and the app would allow them to edit the pics, which I cant allow.


      Before LR, I used photoshop, and saved my edited and non edited pictures to a NAS drive which had read only file sharing, so all my family could browse and view the photos.


      asSince using LR 3, all my photos have been locked up in LR, with no usable way for anyone to see them.  The only thing I do is tediously save some processed pics in small size, then upload them to facebook.  Howwever, my vast library of photos is locked up in LR.


      My 4 year old daughter LOVES to look through them, but there is no option to give her READ ONLY access.


      I tried installing the ipad app, but this is useless for this purpose for 3 reasons:

        a) I have to sync each collection manually, no search options.

        b) a few swipes with her tiny fingers, and my collection is wiped out as it syncs her "changes" back.

        c) I have over 1TB of photos, and to sync this with Adobe would take months if not years, even if it only uploads the smart versions.


      What I, and probably all family photographers need, is a read only app (and possibly website) which can browse the entire repository of an LR catalog, or at least something like a read only version of the current app which requires each collection to be uploaded to Adobe (not something I really want to do - my local network is fine, and much faster, than a rural internet connection).


      How hard could it be to add a read only flag for mobile app, or a read only guest version of the app, or a basic web server to LR?


      Personally I would never want to edit my photos on my android phone, it seems like a gimmick, but I would want to show them to people, including daughter/mum/friends, and let them browse on my phone.  If anyone knows a way to do this, let me know.


      Its such a shame to have 40 years of amazing, categorized and tagged pictures locked up on my laptop, where no-one can view them.


      I tried the below link where there are some share options I have not been able to try:


      Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


      as it simply says "you have no synced collections" and tells me to download lightroom, when a) I have synced collections, I can see them on the android app, b) I have LR 5.6 and LR CC both installed on my machine.