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    running win 8.1 and in desktop mode Internet Explorer will not play flash files. I have tried active x filter and shockwave add in verification. still does not play and only shows litle box in corner with x in it. Can't reload becasue it says it is alread


      Hi there,


      I have an HP Envy touchsmart notebook and for some reason flash will not play on internet explorer 11 but will play in chrome. I have searched the web and found the popular solutions which are not working for me. I have tried looking at the add ons and making sure shockwave is enabled. It is. I have also looked at whether ActiveX filter is on and it is not.


      The Adobe help pages says that the flash player is installed but not enabled.


      I thought maybe just to download the flash player and start from scratch. When I do and I run the installer, it says it already exists and there is not a way to continue when that happens.


      Anyadvice would be helpful please. this is driving me nuts.


      Thank you