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    INDESIGN:  How to get "Show Import Options" using drag and drop instead of File/Place


      We are moving to a Digital Asset Management system called censhare. During a demo of this system, the consultant mentioned that we have to use a drag and drop process to place assets into InDesign and not the File/Place method. This would apply to both icml and any image assets that already reside in the censhare DAM. There’s a navigation window in censhare where you find them then drag and drop to ID.

      The problem is that by using this method, since we are not using the Place command, we don’t have the opportunity to use “Show Import Options.” I know some of the settings can be found after drag and drop, such as Object Layer Options. My question is does anyone know of a way to mimic the Place command with ALL THE FULL SHOW IMPORT OPTIONS using a drap and drop method? Holding down a certain key, a script? Anything? Or is there a way after the dropped files are placed that within the menu options of ID, all the same options of Place can be found, somewhere?

      Here is what I have already tried:

      1. Holding down all different keys to see if it would pull it up. Nothing.

      2. Drag and drop to place the image, then use Relink to reactivate the Show Import Options. When I try to relink, the path is to my local machine where the censhare DAM is placing temporary files. What is in there? Only the indd file and an xml file called info.xml. So I don’t think there is any way around the database to relink the image.

      This is going to be a huge problem and I really need help. Thank you.