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    Recently imported photos not being filed in LightroomMasters Folder...


      I'm a Mac user and a newbie to Lightroom having recently imported my Aperture Library to that application. Following the import from Aperture, a folder was created in my Pictures Folder called LightroomMasters and all the masters went into that folder in subfolders...year and date. I believe this is the correct default process. However, images I have imported since then have gone into the selected Collections OK but the later masters are not in Pictures/LightroomMasters, they have been put in dated folders but these are on the top level in Pictures. Hence looking at the content of my Pictures Folder I have dated folders (containing these later imports) and further down in Pictures I have the LightroomMasters Folder which has not been added to since the original Aperture import. I guess if I manually move these "outside" folders into the LightroomMasters folder, Lightroom Catalogue will then not be able to find them.  Am I missing something here? Any suggestions