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    List question

    jlingwai Level 1
      I have a list box which is populated by an item renderer. The current poblem is that I have a Hrule in the renderer to seperate each item in the list, and when I roll over the selection the highlight extends past the Hrule line. It makes it look sloppy like a kid that can't stay in the lines when coloring.
      Does anyone know a way to reduce the area the rollover covers? or add a line after each item in the list¿

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          FlightGuy Level 1
          You won't be able to change the size of the rollover without extending the List class and drawing the rollover yourself. I don't believe the List has any functionality to leave space between items.

          You could extend List and make it leave a gap - or even draw a line between items. This would probably be your best bet.

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            jlingwai Level 1
            What I did was create a customer component class and extended the list. I then changed the highlight and select parameters to meet my needs.