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    Problems with quizzes in Presenter 10.


      I'm having problems with quizzes in Presenter 10. I tried using the PptImgExporter.dll bug fix and it did not solve the problem.

      I'm manually erasing the Clear button (I want only the Submit to stay) but when I save the quiz the Clear button keeps coming back.

      The Submit button changes it colors and in some questions it changes position on the screen.

      I am defining slides for users to go to if fails and if passed the quiz. Regardless of whether the user fails or succeeds he goes to the success screen.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          1. For the clear button, the best way to remove it is to de-select it in the Question's Options. If this option is checked then Presenter will re-insert the Clear button every time you go into the quiz manager. General rule of thumb is that if you can enable/disable something in the quiz manager then it must be changed through the quiz manager.

          Presenter Quiz - No Clear Button.JPG


          2. Branching navigation is... dificult in Presenter. PPT (and ultimately Presenter) is a great linear tool. Without knowing how you have your branching set up, all I can do is give you how I set it up. Create 3 (or more) slides after the quiz results slide; Passing slide, Failing slide, Thank you/Summary slide. In the Quiz Pass or Fail Options, set either the Passing or Failing option to go to next slide (which ever you will have immediately after the quiz results slide) and the other one to Go to slide and point it to the 2nd slide after the quiz results page. Next go to the Slide Manager tool and change the Go To setting for the slide after the quiz results page to skip the slide after it. This should ensure that the viewers don't see the slide they should not.