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    AE cycles through all open comp tabs

    NimChimpski Level 1

      Strange new feature that has just started: after a ram preview/auto save or save AE cycles through all the open tabs and then returns me to the tab I was on but without the magnification on the timeline that I had before it started.


      what follows might have been better in its own thread.

      I am revising an old project that was largely done by someone else. They like all their tabs open and I found that everytime I landed on one open tab/comp it would crash AE. I found that it was a comp that I needed to work with and after some pondering decided to try loading CS6 and use that. It worked a treat and I was able to complete the revisions on the problem comp that was crashing CC2014. When I returned to complete the rest on CC2014 I now get a runtime error warning something to the effect of this program tried to launch incorrectly - notify the administrator (or something like that - I can get the exact wording if anyone wants it).


      I dont know if these 2 things are related . . . .I guess I can remove CS6 once I am done and see if the runtime message goes away.