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    Internal error when trying to preview slideshow


      Hi all, this seems like an error a few people have had but I cant seem to find an answer for this.


      Regarding Lightroom Slideshow module: When I click on the preview button I get the following error:

      An internal error has occurred: ?:0: attempt at index a nil value.

      This occurs with any group of images I select in my catalog.

      I feel this is due to a permissions fault. I was previewing slideshows fine until yesterday when I deleted one of the users profiles on my windows PC. Since then the problem has occured. I now have only one user profile (password protected admin).

      Anybody any help? This is a real pain and I'm having to wait a long time exporting slideshows rather than a quick preview.

      I've tried in LR5 and the newly downloaded LR CC.

      Any help appreciated.