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    Lightroom CC Slideshow Bugs

    alanranger5 Level 1

      Just got round to creating a new slideshow in LR CC - I have created these many times before in previous LR versions.  Since the latest update there seems to be some issues.  Haven't diagnosed if it's a local problem to my set-up or a common failure so hopefully this post will show if others are experiencing the same issues.


      1.  Identity Plate - Opacity isn't working on export slideshow - it shows with low opacity in preview but when exported it ignore the opacity level and shows at 100%

      2.  When exporting a slideshow - some of the images (about a third of the way through approx 2mins) get corrupted - in that they look as though as they have been sliced and diced and re-arranged - again this problem isn't there on preview just on export.