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    About the tool bar

    lalamedia Level 1


      I'm trying Presenter 10.
      How I can customize the navigation button?

      I can't either delete the "attachment" button in the swf publication...I still see it but I haven't any file attached.

      And is it possible to have an exit button? I would to propose to the learners to quit without closing the navigator...




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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          The tool bar isn't easily edited. What you can do is publish the presentation locally and then open the vconfig.xml file. It will be in the data folder in the location you published the presentation to.


          in the layout section there will be a bunch of iushow parameters. One is <uishow name="attachments" value="true"/>. Change the value to "false" and the attachments button should disappear.


          The exit button is a whole other mountain to climb and is probably just best saying it isn't possible with Presenter. You may want to look at Captivate as the play bar for that is fully customisable and has an exit button. However, Captivate doesn't really do attachments, so if that is important you may need to use Presenter.

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            lalamedia Level 1

            Tks Jorma,


            Your answer is clear and useful...

            We'll dive in the vconfig.xml!