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    Export as CATALOG fails to export images, previews or thumbnails - why?


      I have been using LR since version 1.  I often shoot on location w/ a laptop as my LR catalog in the field.  When I return, my work flow is to export everything as a catalog and then re-import the images into my main Catalog.  For the last few weeks however, this work flow appears to be broken.  When ever I select a folder or a collection of images on my laptop to export as a catalog, the dialogue returns that it can't perform the export because it can't find the original images, thumbnails or previews.  The catalog may be intact, but there are no photos that I can move to the main library. 


      My work flow typically is to import photos from a card and put them into the catalog.  I then rename the folders with a suffix such as "2015-04-28 - Israel Shoot Day 03". 


      The issue here is that I do a ton of correction in LR on the laptop and I want those instructions to come across into the master catalog.  This work flow has worked in the past, but at present is no longer working... Any one out there know why?  Using LR CC (latest update) on a Macbook Air w/ 1TB of SSD, 16 GB RAM. Exporting to a new clean HD to transfer images over...


      Incidentally, when I do search for "show images in FINDER", the files are there and are found.  This is not an issue of the catalog losing the photos or the pointers to the photos - they are intact and working w/ the rest of the program.  It is just that I can't seem to export the intact catalog w/ the mater images into a new catalog.