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    Logics behind Word file Import


      Somehow I do not understand the logics behind style import from Word files.


      a) there is a .ISF setting which holds a .CSS which is not considered

      b) when I manually change the original .ISF (.CSS) file it is not considered

      c) when I try to change the styles after the import - the style editor behaves totally weird (indentation is sometimes accepted, sometimes not)


      The only way I can use RH after a Wordfile import is to delete the .CSS from the project and run a find/replace over all HTML files. Is this the way the user shall use RH?!

      My feeling is, that this area of code has just alpha state. And btw, chmprocessor does the html import with less errors (esp. bad image sizes)!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          "My feeling is, that this area of code has just alpha state." - Seeing as how RoboHelp has been around for longer than 20 years (and I've used it for a similar amount of time) I'd have to disagree. LOL


          One thing to note is that there is often many unexpected things found in Word documents. There are a great number of folks out there that, when asked if they "knew how to use Word" would immediately say YES!


          But there is a vast difference between knowing how to properly format a Word document and simply typing text and painting it up to make it look as you want. And if a document has lots of "painted up" text, there will be all manner of grief in RoboHelp once that document arrives.


          The bottom line here is that I would totally suspect the Word document.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Will1234 Level 1

            I am aware of how to format documentation properly! I also read the articles from grainge.

            Interestingly all the "hand formatted" texts import right. All "style"-formatted (headers & html preformatted) fail.

            And - as I also wrote - resized images, which are not embedded in a sub-doc - import somtimes with bad sizes. As there even exists a jsx from grainge, this issue seem to be known.

            When I find time, I will prepare a test doc file.

            Cheers Wil