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    Lightroom 6 – a disconcerting message



      Hi folks, have a small problem regarding Lightroom 6.




      I kept Lightroom 5.7 when I installed Lightroom 6 on my computer running a Windows 7 64 bit system.




      Whenever when I attempt to open Lightroom 6, I get the message.




      “This action cannot be completed because the other programme is busy. Choose “Switch TO” to activate the busy program and correct the problem.”




      The message has three options “Switch to”, “Retry” and Cancel”




      After several attempts to “Retry” Lightroom 6 has always opened.


      I presume the message refers to Lightroom 5.7, but I am unsure how to “correct the problem” and stop it being “busy” and displaying this message.


      Maybe a pointer, when I open Lightroom 5.7 I get an information message, which soon fades, but says “Signed in” & “Sync is on”.


      If this is the problem, how do I alter being signed in and having Sync on?




      Thanks for reading, any ideas on how to solve this would be much appreciated and gratefully received