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    Ungroup, again group

    BEGINNER_X Level 3

      Hi All,


      My Request,


      1. Select the groups(consists of two page items with create outlines)


      2. Ungroup the selection


      3. apply transparency

      app.selection[0].transparencySettings.dropShadowSettings.size = 10;


      4. Again group


      Could you please provide your help.




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          Vamitul Level 4

          You don't really need to ungroup.

          //asssuming myGroup is the group you need:


          myGroup.pageItems[0].transparencySettings.dropShadowSettings.size = 10;

          myGroup.pageItems[1].transparencySettings.dropShadowSettings.size = 10;

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            BEGINNER_X Level 3

            Hi Vamit,


            Thank you for the fast reply,


            for another scenario, I am trying Seleted item should be ungroup and group.


            I look at forum, but not works for me.


            orggroup = app.activeDocument.groups[0].allPageItems; 
            newgroup = []; 
            for (i=0; i<orggroup.length; i++) 


            Thanks in advance

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              Daniel Sterchi Level 3

              Hi Beginner_X


              I tested the code. It works, but it does not group and ungroup the selected Item. I just wrote a few lines more. So if you really have to ungroup and group again, give my code a try.


              kind regards


              Daniel (from Switzerland)


              function main() {
                  var orgGroup;
                  // test if the seleted item is a Group
                  if ((app.selection.length > 0) && (app.selection[0].constructor.name  == "Group")) {
                      alert("Info\nGroup selected");
                      orgGroup = app.activeDocument.groups[0].allPageItems;
                      alert("Info\nUngrouped the selected group");
                      // call your function(s)
                  else {
                      alert("Warning\nNo group selected");
                      orgGroup = "";
                  if  (orgGroup != "") {
                      newgroup = [];
                      for (i=0; i<orgGroup.length; i++) newgroup.push(orgGroup[i]);
                      alert("Info\nRegrouped previous grouped Items");
                  alert("Info\nI did my job, what about yours?");
              function yourStuff() {
                  alert ("Info\nDo your stuff here");
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                BEGINNER_X Level 3

                Dear Vamitul & Dani,


                Sorry for the late response...

                Apologies., for that, I confused two questions in the same thread.


                Vamit: your coding is working fine. Thank You for your immediate response. Again thanks a ton.


                Dani: Thanks for your valuable timing spend for me.

                I will test your code and get back in separate thread.


                Warm Regards