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    multiple checkboxes hide/unhide


      i am trying to hide or show a check box based on the results of three other boxes

      it seems not matter what i do it just will not work

      i would like it to do this

      if statement is true show the check box if the statement is false hide the check box

      i have tried .hidden =

      i tried .display = display.hidden

      i tried checkThisBox(0, true);


      it seems to stop at line 2 with no error message just show the box and does not matter if the statement is true or false


      if (this.getField("Check Box1").value!="On" && this.getField("Check Box2").value!="On" && this.getField("Check Box3").value!="On"){

          this.getField("Check Box6").checkThisBox(0, true);

      } else {

          this.getField("Check Box6").checkThisBox(1, false);