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    Problems with Pentax lens info in exif and Adobe lens profiles

    robgendreau Level 3

      Lr will not recognize lens info in Pentax DNGs (which are native DNG from the camera).


      This present two problems: it will not automatically find a lens profile, and it will not filter or search on the lens info.


      This only occurs with certain lenses; I've found it using a K-50 camera and two kit lenses, the DA-L 18-55 WR and DA-L 50-200 WR (note the official names are longer).


      First, the profile problem. If one uses auto to find the profile for these lens, Lr says it can't. I can choose a profile for this lens and save it as default, which I do. The profile is for a DA 18-55 etc (the only difference is the "L" in the name, and some plastic and a focus feature in the lens itself, which wouldn't affect lens correction). Looking the Lens Profile folders I see no entry for these lenses (and it looks like I could just change a few things like Lens ID and PrettyName and have something that worked). How do I get a profile so that Lr will auto-find it? What does Lr use to find a match?


      Which leads to the second problem, perhaps related. Lr does not show the lens info in the metadata panel nor can I search on it or otherwise find it. But it IS in the DNG: exiftool reveals the lens is listed in the Lens ID and Lens Type tags, but NOT in the Lens or Lens Model tags. There are published ID numbers for these lenses, and they do not correspond to the lens ID number for the non-L versions. Adobe lists these ID numbers in lens profile XML files, but I'm not sure it they use them to match lenses to profiles. I've noted that lenses that DO have entries in Lens Model show up in filters, etc in Lr. So obviously I'd like these lenses to do so as well (LensTagger can write them there; I used the official name from the ID tag number to do so).


      So I'm wondering if Lr uses not only the ID no to match with profiles, but also the Lens or Lens Model tag (which is missing). I ask because even if I got or made a lens profile for the L model lens, I'd need to get a fix in the DNG if that profile needs to match Model or Lens tags in exif.

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          robgendreau Level 3

          Upon further testing, this seems to be an Adobe issue.


          Examining even the photos with lens types from Pentax that DO work, I see that before they are imported into Lr they have NO lens model tag. None.


          But once imported into Lr, these lenses are identified in the exif panel, in filters, and by Lens Corrections if they match an existing Adobe lens profile. But the lenses that don't, will not.


          Additionally, after a metadata save or other manipulation with an autosave in Lr the lens info is apparently written to the Lens Model tag by Lr when it saves the file. If it matches the profile. So the lens model tag is generated by Adobe, not the camera.


          Checking the profiles themselves for my DA-L WR lenses I see models for DA WR (no L) and for DA-L (no WR). The profiles are the same optically (WR means water resistant; L means budget with no focus quick shift, both shouldn't affect the profile). So I need a DA-L WR.


          Help me Adobe.

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            robgendreau Level 3

            Contacted Adobe by chat. They'll say they'll fix it in future updates. Aargh.


            Meanwhile, these three lenses are missing correction profiles and lens info in a filter field:


            '7 201'= smc Pentax-DA L 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED WR
            '7 202'= smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR
            '7 203'= HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mm F4-5.8 ED WR


            The numbers refer to the Lens ID, and these are taken from exif info for Pentax lenses.