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    What platform are you using? Stable or not?

    rbish7660 Level 1

      Hey all, Can as many chime in as possible?

      What computer are you using? What system? Is Edge 20.14.1 stable for you? (I mean other than the odd glitch here and there)

      I am having Edge nightmares on a new Macbook Pro with Yosemite. Within a minute or so of starting to work on a file the interface goes wonky, loses indication of what is selected, then locks up or gets a "old TV" fuzzy pattern, sometimes elements in my composition simply vanish. Have to restart constantly. I highly suspect Edge can't work with whatever video card or with the solid state hard drive in these new computers. Please help me troubleshoot this since we can't seem to get straight answers from Adobe.


      (Yes, I have uninstalled, deleted prefs and reinstalled, etc.)