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    Tethered capture viewed on two Laptop's


      I want to be able to shoot live with the images delivered directly to two laptops, one with Windows 7, the other Windows 8. Both laptop's are networked via Ethernet cable and work together. I'm using LR 4 on each laptop.


      But, I've had issues with the file imports:


      1. If I auto import to one laptop, the files are saved to the hard drive. The second laptop wont Auto Import from the networked drive though so this doesn't work.


      2. To get around this, I auto imported the files into the first laptop and directed LR to save them on the second laptop via the network cable. This works well. The problem is, that the first laptop MOVES the files rather than copies them, even though it's a different hard drive. I would have expected them to copy them as Windows does when you move files from one physical drive to another. So whilst the second laptop (auto importing from the new specified location) can see the photos and use them, the first can't; it only has the preview files.


      3. I have also tried capture the files on one laptop, move the files to the second laptop and have the first auto import from there but LR re-names the files so the previews can't see the new versions!


      The only way I can see to get around these problems it for wither of the following to be possible:


      1. LR to import from a network drive; Or

      2. LR copies imported files rather than moves them; Or

      3. LR does not re-names the files when they are moved


      Any one have any idea if any of these are possible??!!


      Many thanks,