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    javascript bothers double-byte character desplay

      When I open a popup window with on(release) commande in a menu bar, all the Japanese characters in the bar (dynamic text) transforms into half-byte characters which causes display problems with non-Japanese OS PCs.

      Even on Japanese OS, you can see double-byte transforms into single-byte. What can I do?
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          kokochka Level 1
          I really need a help. I found out that ALL the popup creating javascript (triggered from swf or HTML code) causes the double to single-byte japanese display transformation.

          This happens only on PCs, not on Macs.

          You can see the real time exemple on
          Go to COLLECTIONS section (it shows the nav bar on the right with japanese letters). Then click on the HTML link in Japanese which opens a popup window. This slitely modify the japanese text (double to single-byte). On non-Japanese OS, this causes the text turning into little squares.