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    No external monitor preview - AE2014

    Jon Doughtie

      We're running on a Dell 7600, Win7, with K5000 card, 32GB RAM. Everything worked on CC 2013.


      We recently upgraded to CC 2014. (Recently, you say? How is that? That is another story.)


      We have a Blackmagic Decklink Studio 2 card for tape ingest, which we hardly use anymore for that purpose, of course. Desktop Video verion 9.8, driver version


      We do use it for output to our external monitor to see Premiere Pro/After Effects work via HDMI.


      PPro outputs to the monitor fine. AE does not, even though Prefs are set correctly.


      Version of AE 2014 is


      Any ideas?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          > Version of AE 2014 is

          Why? The current version is 13.2. There have been _many_ bugs fixed in the updates since then, including bugs fixed in the Mercury Transmit features for external video preview.



          I'm not the expert on Mercury Transmit, but I've forwarded this forum thread to the person who is.

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            Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

            You will need to update your Blackmagic Desktop Video software. Version 9.8 pre-dates After Effects CC 2014 and doesn't support it as a Mercury Transmit host. I recommend updating to the most recent release, 10.4, as Blackmagic added fixes for using non-standard frame formats, a very common workflow with After Effects.


            And, yes, you should install the After Effects CC 2014.2 (13.2) update.

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              Jon Doughtie Level 1

              I'll definitely install the BlackMagic update.


              Regrrettably, I probably will not be able to install the AE update. Our company made a deal with Adobe that has them giving one massive update file to our IT people, who eventually roll it out to us months and months later. We are not able to simply update from the cloud. Moreover, it requires a full uninstall and new install, per IT. So we also get to lose, then restore/rebuild any customizations, presets, etc., with every update.


              Interesting that, with the update, our IT folks did not let us know about the BlackMagic update. Probably a case of them not being users, so they aren't aware of the issue.


              UPDATE: Installing BlackMagic Designs Desktop Video V10.4 did the trick. Playout to the external monitor for both PPro and AE is good to go. Many thanks, gents!

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                Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                Glad you got it working.