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    Question about editing third party templates...


      I am using several templates from several different third parties. The instructions for using and editing within the templates all seem very easy and quick. Basically, you simply replace the "placeholder" images within the template with your own images. You do this by double clicking a placeholder image and then dragging the image you want to replace it with into the timeline. You should theoretically then be able to edit your image. However, once my image is in the timeline and I double click on it to open and edit it, it opens in a "layer" window, but it seems that in order to edit, it needs to open in the "composition" window, which I can't get my images to do. So basically, I can't edit any images in any template. It's so frustrating because these templates are awesome and I've occasionally somehow been able to use them and they look great, but I can't get past this problem lately. Seems like it should be a pretty easy fix. Adobe won't help because they say they don't offer support relating to templates. Any suggestions?? Thanks!