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    JSX Script terminates at importXML without error or cause

    Daniel S. of Balihoo

      We call Indesign from PHP using the SoapClient RunScript method. We have it run a jsx script, and we know that the script is terminating when it gets to the importXML call on a document we opened with app.open. The only return to PHP we get from the RunScript call is an exit code of 0. Normally, we get a more complete object with a scriptResult telling us all was well in addition to the exit code. The documentation tells me that an exit code of 0 is no error, but we know something is going on that is not good, we just don't know what. I've attempted to garner more information adding a listener to the document opened with app.open on the xmlImportPreferences member. However, nothing I've done has helped at all to get more information.

      I've looked through the InDesign logs, but I've found nothing to give me any clues on this front. We know this is an intermittent error which makes it all the more difficult to isolate.  Any useful clues to resolve the issue would be appreciated.